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thumb|300px|rightthumb|300px|right|Black Rathian thumb|300px|right|(3/3)Black Rathian
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The Unknown Rathian that has been hiden for years untill recently discovered. Black Rathian is a new adition to the rath family and makes an aperance in MHF Foward 1 and 2. The Black Rathian has no known Rathalos mthumb|300px|right|(MHFO)Black Rathianate. Black Rathian has 5 stages of rage and new attacks. One of the new attacks come for orange and white espinas and one of her newest attack the needle wing.This is when she flings some of the spikes on her wings at the hunters.This attack can also have the defense down status. The Black Rathian lives in many areas that aren`t anywere you think you`d find one. This new species of rathian is rare and is the only non Elder Dragon that can be repelled in a fight.
  • Black Rathian is weakest to cutting on head and impact on belly.
  • She is able to use a status beam and release gas from her under side(like Gravios).
  • The first monster to have more than one stage of rage.
  • Black Rathian has the stamina out of all of the Rathian Species