New updated version of town

185px-Interceptor-Cannon and Ballista
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The Interceptor is the new updated version of the town that apears in MHFO Foward 1.Tis area has been attacked by Elder Dragons and eventuly set of fire so things falling apart in the battle(this depends on the time of day)thumb|300px|right|Iterceptor Base Battle Rukodiora.This is were you will fight the flagship monster Rukodiora.This new Elder Dragon has a magnetic ability to has metal and parts of the battle field float around it as a defense.The Interseptor base seems to have a new kind of Dragonator that is in the ground insted of being in the wall.This area you can fight many diffrent elder dragons.This area is unknown to have any hazards besides the Rembora.Watch the video to see the area.