thumb|300px|right|Qurupeco Ecology
thumb|300px|left|MHP3rd Qurupeco
Qurupeco is a Bird Wyvern. It can call Great Jaggi, Deviljho, Rhenoplos, Diablos, Rathian, Rathalos, Melynx, Royal Ludroth and Jaggi, and in MHP3 Black Tigrex. When low on stamina it will feed on fish to regain stamina. Qurupeco or nicknamed peco for short is a very weak that will show in the middle of many quest and is one of the first Bird Wyverns that you will face online and offline in MH3 and MHP3rd. Since it`s a low level wyvern it is very esay to kill as long as you use certain weapons that don`t use fire. Qurupeco can be fought in many areas in MHP3 and MH3. Qurupeco will clap it`s two flintstones to create a firery explosion that can lead to fire blight.Qurupeco can call other monsters by vocal organs to mimic the call of those monsters. This part of it`s beak can be broken but this will not stop it from calling other monster to it`s aid for it to escape when it`s weak.
  • Qurupeco is weakest to ice.
  • Qurupeco has a new subspecies in MHP3rd.
  • Qurupeco will return in MH3G.
  • Qurupeco like Yian Kut-Ku can be stunned by an explosion stoping some of it`s abilities.