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Rathian, otherwise known as "Queen of the Land" is a well known wyvern to hunters. She fights better on land than in the air. For beginers it's difficult to fight; but to experts it's a walk in the park. She breeds with rathalos and raises the young wyverns until they are old enough to hunt on their own.Rathians feed on aptonoth and possibly other small monsters.Rathian is the Queen of all wyverns and considered a very difficult monster for those who are fighting rathian for the first time.Rathian has a diffrent look from her male counter part Rathalos,who has a red and black coloring on his shell and does more arial attacks such as fireballs and claw attack.Rathian has a diffrent look from the original monster hunter games and has a improved look in MH3, MHP3, MH3G, and Frontier.Rathian can do a backflip in the air that can poison a hunter if not careful.She can also induce fireblight with fireballs.This attack can go in 2 ways either she fires 3 fireballs in three diffrent directions or just one in one direction.When Rathian goes into rage mode she will most likely do either 2 back flip or more in a row a charge that can go on and on depending on if she`s inraged or not or do a multi fireball.Being only able to use the fireblight and poison status Rathian can be easyly be killed denpending on your weapon and armor skills.

  • Rathian is weakest to Dragon and Thunder elements.
  • Rathian wings, head can be broken and her tail can be cut.
  • Rathian is able to be fought with Rathalos in a Double trouble urgent and she and Rathalos can be fought in the arena as well.
  • Rathian has three subspecies and the newest one is in MHFO Foward 1.
  • The new Subspecies is nicknamed the unkown and is called the Black Rathian.
  • In MHFU Rathian can be fought online as a low rank quest.