thumb|300px|right White Fatalis.One of the three brethren and the most powerful.White fatalis like Kirin has a main that flothumb|right|251px|White Fatalis themews a if it was still alive when it dies.The White Fatalis is related to 2 other brethren of the same species the Crimson Fatalis and Black Fatalis.All 3 of these monsters can be a one hit kill if you don`t have the right armor.White fatalis is the strongest out of the others and can only be unlocked after you unlock the hr9 Crimson Fatalis and slay it.When White Fatalis is enraged a red spot surounded by red lightning will apear and Fatalis will call a Lightning Strike When it roars.Fatalis will go into a armor mode when he is at 50% of his health and his defense and attack will greatly improve.Fatalis will leave this mode when he is at 20% of health.To unlock White Fatalis you must unlock the Crimson Fatalis and complete all epic hunting quest in G rank.It is possible to break both horns and scar the eye and break the wings.Dragon element is needed to complete this task for extra rewards.You may need to use a bow because Fatalis standup right all the time.This should allow you to break the wings and maybe even the horns and his eye.White Fatalis is weakest to Dragon then Fire on the head.The element fatalis can use is Dragon and Thunder and can only be fought in the Tower.White Fatalis and the other species return in MHFO with a improved look as seen in the front page of the wikia.Watch the video to see more info and see some of White Fatalis attacks